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September carries greatest single-month-default surge in a ten-year period

Home loan defaults rose in September, producing the most extensive single-month-default increase in many years. Defaults accelerated to 13.2% in September, the most substantial month-to-month increase since November 2008. This increased the...
Affordable Housing

Evansville Promise Zone Partnership Announcement

If you are available please join us on Monday, February 11th at 1:30 pm CST to announce our new affordable housing partnership. The Promise Zone has formed a partnership with TruVest...

You Said What???

https://youtu.be/RG-aGnc0br0 You Said What??? NO! That is the answer I got from numerous developers I have spoken to about creating the platform Speaking to 15 plus developers = Not all conversations are equal They either said...

How to Build a Mountain of Wealth Outside of the Stock Market-Part 2

Another week has come and gone and the Markets finished on a downward slide. I am sure some of you are experiencing some heartburn with your investments. Are you being proactive...

Affordable Housing Project Aims to Revitalize Jacobsville Neighborhood on 44 News

Our affordable housing collaboration officially launched in Evansville, Indiana with Mayor Lloyd Winnecke and Evansville Promise Zone. We are thrilled to have such amazing coverage by 44News on how we are making an impact on families quality...


What Realtors need to know about Millennials

However, builders are trying to find a way to increase construction of new, entry-level homes to accommodate the growing need. FACT: A large portion of Millennials – slightly less than half – are already purchasing their second or third homes. Working with Millennial buyers First, communication is key. Be social and have your contact information easily accessible online. Make the process convenient for them with slick apps and technology they can really submerse themselves in. Next, be an expert in the process Advise them on credit score and finances and be knowledgeable about the process. For example, a credit score is a numerical representation of your credit report. A new credit card could put a prospect in danger of not qualifying for a home loan in their desired price range – or at the very least – not getting the best rate possible. Before they start looking (this means online, too!) For example, our text application feature that allows them to safely and instantly become pre-approved for a home mortgage.