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How to Build a Mountain of Wealth Outside of the Stock Market

Seems like every time I either turn on the TV or read business articles all I see is that the Market is approaching a correction.  To me, that does not mean...

Creating Value Means What…..

Earlier this week I spoke with a good friend about how he handles his LinkedIn account and online experiences. He told me that the majority of his connections were just looking...
The Platform Journey

What a Week!

This past week was full of so many emotions! We commenced beta testing for our due diligence platform, and also purchased 2 assets in Indiana. The launch of the platform by...
The Platform Journey

I Couldn’t Believe It!!!

I Couldn’t Believe It! I did not know what to do! I have never built a platform But John and Mike have really stepped up and have gotten knee deep with me (Not their...

You Said What???

https://youtu.be/RG-aGnc0br0 You Said What??? NO! That is the answer I got from numerous developers I have spoken to about creating the platform Speaking to 15 plus developers = Not all conversations are equal They either said...


8 Amazingly Easy Tips For A Pet-Friendly Home

If you can't live without carpeting, opt for a low pile that's easy to clean. While hardwood and eco-friendly bamboo are durable, they may show wear and tear (i.e. scratching) sooner than a concrete or tile floor will. Be sure to research your flooring in order to choose the best type for your home and your particular pet. With a dog door, you don't have to rush home from work to ensure that your dog gets out on time and you don't have to worry about forgetting to let your pets in and out. Similarly, easy-to-clean fabrics like microfiber will also hold up to pet wear and tear better than many other types of fabric. When you create a custom feeding station, you can install a faucet that allows you to fill up your dog or cat's water bowl right in its place. Designer Bed Although many people don't mind snuggling with their pets, others may dislike the wear and tear four-legged creatures impart on bedding. If you don't allow your pets to bed with you, you can still enhance their comfort by getting them a deluxe bed that brims with comfort. To keep your landscape looking its best, consider installing an outdoor area behind your home where pets can take care of their basic needs. You can also install hardscaping, which makes cleaning up after pets a breeze.