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The Platform Journey

What a Week!

This past week was full of so many emotions! We commenced beta testing for our due diligence platform, and also purchased 2 assets in Indiana. The launch of the platform by...
The Platform Journey

I Couldn’t Believe It!!!

I Couldn’t Believe It! I did not know what to do! I have never built a platform But John and Mike have really stepped up and have gotten knee deep with me (Not their...

You Said What???

https://youtu.be/RG-aGnc0br0 You Said What??? NO! That is the answer I got from numerous developers I have spoken to about creating the platform Speaking to 15 plus developers = Not all conversations are equal They either said...


Thousands of potential homeowners wrongly think they can’t get a mortgage

Seven out of ten (70%) people think a low credit score, zero-hour contract, payday loan, new job or even parental leave would prevent them getting a mortgage, according to mortgage advice website Online Mortgage Advisor. While it is not necessarily the case that these would be automatic barriers to getting a mortgage, it can make it harder for some and those who are accepted may have to pay a higher rate of interest or borrow a smaller sum than otherwise. Pete Mugleston, managing director at Online Mortgage Advisor, says a huge number of consumers are in the dark about what would prevent them from borrowing. “We may be a long way away from the pre-credit crunch days of no income, no job or asset mortgages and free-for-all credit, but lenders do recognise that people’s circumstances have changed and as such, many have adjusted their criteria to reflect this." If people don't keep up with their mobile payments, have a contract for utilities as they pay cash or they are not on the electoral roll, they are not going to score as highly on their credit check. They are also concerned about stability such as how long you have lived at your address or been with your bank. Borrowers will be accepted for a smaller mortgage just not the amount they are looking for.” Getting a mortgage with bad credit history If you have got a bad credit rating because of past problems, it can be difficult to find a lender willing to offer you a mortgage. If you have got a poor credit history and are worried that you won’t be able to get a mortgage, all is not lost. While having a poor credit score can make getting a mortgage more difficult, there are some lenders that can help. If you have been turned down by a high street bank or building society you might want to try apply through a specialist lender.