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Rental Listing Terms Reveal Popular Features in Each State

Landlords in the D.C. area are seven times more likely to include “Starbucks” in their rental listing, while the phrase “close to Walmart” is 54 times more popular in the Natural State than anywhere else in the country. Rental shoppers in New Hampshire, on the other hand, seem more interested in technology, with “USB port” 287 times more likely to be included in a listing there. Other states with a tech focus are Oregon, where “free Wifi” is six times as popular, and Missouri, where “Google fiber” is 92 times more likely to be mentioned in a rental listing. Landlords in California are showing off their avocados, lemons and plums, with listings from that state eight times more likely to include the term “fruit tree.” And that’s not the only type of plant life being advertised: Rental listings in Colorado mention “marijuana” 45 times more often than any other state. In New York, rental listings are five times more likely to include “closet space,” which is understandable given how small some Big Apple apartments can be. However, people in North Carolina are more interested in their “outside storage” features, with the term 11 times more popular. Check out which listing terms show up the most in each state, then take our quiz to see how well you can match a popular feature with its state. Looking for advice on renting? Check out our Renters Guide. Zillow Rental Manager is for you.