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How You Can Pay for College (And So Much More) with...

And when it’s passive, things get easy. My first note was my student loan, and that’s the same case for my son—only when he got to college age, I had already started in the note business and figured out that if we were to employ two different investing strategies together, we could pay for his college tuition with a fraction of the money. The second part of the strategy has to do with the timing. Right before payments on the student loan came due, we purchased a re-performing note with a similar monthly payment and a term that had a longer time frame than the student loan. So the payment we received from the note could be used to pay the student loan payment. “Free” Insurance With Notes And don’t think it can only be applied to college. I’ve even been able to obtain free or low-cost insurance by employing this same strategy. Borrow the money out to buy a note (at 4–5 percent interest on the loan from the policy) 3. What I love more than anything about explaining these strategies is when investors come back to me with new spins on the same idea. What in your life would you like to pay for with notes?

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