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YouTube sees 80% lift in people watching sports highlight videos during the last year

There has been a 90 percent increase in searches for “football highlight” videos during the past year, YouTube reports. The company says that in addition to the rise in search activity, watch-time of sports highlight videos skyrocketed 80 percent between 2016 and 2017. Watch-time growth of sports highlight videos on YouTube Highlight videos were not the only sports-related content getting more views. Sports-related interview videos saw a 60 percent increase in watch-time, and funny sports video watch-time was up 50 percent. Along with the rise in “football highlight” searches, YouTube found “how to” sports video searchers have doubled since 2016 and offered the following image to show which “how to” searches were most popular. Increase in searches for ‘how to’ sports videos (by topic) A Google-Ipsos study on sports viewing habits found 80 percent of sports viewers use a computer or mobile device while watching television broadcasts of live sporting events. Citing this research, Google announced this week that DoubleClick Bid Manager is launching tools to help advertisers coordinate ad spots on appearing during live televised events with digital activations, including video ads on YouTube. Attend the largest search marketing conference on the West Coast: SMX West! You'll get useful, proven tactics in SEO, SEM, conversion optimization, social media, mobile and more. Register now!

5 Digital Stats That Jumped Out at Us This Week

Between gearing up for Sunday’s Super Bowl and lots of news around different social ad products, it’s been a busy week in digital marketing. Is the Super Bowl worth it? Every year, marketers wonder if pricey $5 million Super Bowl ads actually drive sales—or at the very least, awareness. The resounding answer: Kind of. In interviews with Wix, Persil ProClean, GoDaddy and It’s a 10 Haircare, brands had a mixed reaction to whether their ads were effective. Snacking fans In other Super Bowl news, data company Factual tracked the foot traffic for New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles fans. Twitter’s curated Moments Twitter’s Moments feature has had a bumpy ride since launching in 2015, but the social platform is back to betting on brands to sponsor publishers’ curated tweets. Bank of America became the first brand to relaunch the ad unit with Bloomberg’s coverage of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, but a told Adweek the ad units cost $50,000 to $100,000. Houseparty isn’t dead You would be forgiven if you forgot about Meerkat, the livestreaming app that made a big splash at South by Southwest Interactive in 2015. The app’s buzz didn’t last long after Twitter acquired competitor Periscope.

First time buyers flood D.R. Horton Express homes

The Express brand, the builder’s lower-margin business which caters to first-time homebuyers, made new homes affordable to younger generations despite stricter lending standards and rising land prices, according to an article by Arunima Banerjee for Reuters. From the article: D.R. Horton said the unit is expected to grow at least 10 percent to 15 percent over the next three years. “While the new tax laws may affect the upper-end home buyers and owners, there is enough demand strength for less-expensive homes, particularly in first-time homes, to keep the industry growing in 2018,” Moody’s Investors Service Vice President Joseph Snider wrote in a note published earlier this month. Other than these color options, the builder does not customize the homes further during the building process, unless the buyer chooses to begin a new home from the ground up. This process, the builder explained to HousingWire, allows them to keep the homes affordable for first-time homebuyers. The picture below shows one example of these express homes in the Dallas area. Horton on top, the Reuters article explained. From the article: The Express brand has kept Horton’s margins lower than its peers, but has also helped it turn over inventory faster as those homes are quicker to build and sell in larger volumes. In the recent quarter, Horton generated margins of 20.8 percent, while Lennar Corp (LEN.N) reported 22.4 percent and PulteGroup Inc (PHM.N) 23.8 percent.

Digital Marketing News: State of Social, Super Super Bowl Ads, Scheduled Posts on Instagram

The State of Social 2018 Report: Your Guide to Latest Social Media Marketing Research [New Data]. The wild west of influencer marketing gets some guidelines from the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s social media, native and content committee. The group has produced an in-depth guide for publishers considering new influencer marketing options as part of their branded advertising packages and for marketers and their agencies trying to figure out how to best leverage influencer marketing programs. Instead, the support is being added to Instagram’s API – meaning that social media software applications like Hootsuite, Sprout Social or SocialFlow now have access to the functionality. TechCrunch Twitter Is Working on a Snapchat-Style Video Sharing Tool. Twitter shares gained as much as 1.4 percent early Thursday. MarketingLand Marketers’ Top SEO Priorities for 2018. Marketers say social media, on-site optimization, and content creation are their top search engine optimization (SEO) priorities this year, according to recent research from Clutch, which surveyed 303 marketing decision makers in the U.S.. MarketingProfs Digital Video Ad Revs Forecast To More Than Double On YouTube, Facebook. Google announced that it is expanding the number of places where its “Mute this Ad” functionality will be available. Once a user tells Google she doesn’t like an ad, Google will stop displaying it across all the devices that user is logged into.

10 Steps to Optimize Your Blog Post For SEO

Optimizing posts according to the best practices for content SEO is essential to maintaining search engine rankings and bringing in more visitors. In fact, 60% of readers don’t read further than that. A great headline not only captures the reader’s attention but also compels them to click and read more. For example, if you want to write about ‘shoes’, you need to come up with a more specific working title to begin with. That’s where keyword research helps to keep us from targeting the wrong search terms.Based on this knowledge, we can tweak our first working title to "10 Designer Spring Shoes to Try in 2018" Optimize your title - The last step is to craft your title to drive maximum clicks & shares. By writing a persuasive meta description, you can compel the readers to click on your article, instead of the ones ranked above yours. Again, an interesting meta description can compel readers to click on your post. Yoast has in-built features to wrap your meta description in the right HTML tags that are then picked up by social networks and search engines while displaying your content. They also make it easy for Google to understand the various sub topics covered in your post, and help your content rank for more search terms and keywords. Some might share your article because they liked the video, some might share it for the infographic.

SEC accuses California men of running $2.18 million home flipping scam

The Securities and Exchange Commission is charging two California men with running a home flipping scam that defrauded dozens of investors out of their retirement savings. According to the SEC, Daniel Vazquez serves as the CEO of Hoplon Financial Group. Through Hoplon, Vazquez created the “New Economic Opportunities Fund,” an entity that purported to buy and flip residential real estate using investor funds. These investments were made on the basis of “misrepresentations” about how much compensation Vazquez and Hoplon would take for running the operation. According to the SEC, Hoplon and Vazquez, with the aid of Hoplon’s then-chief operating officer, Gilbert Fluetsch, allegedly misused most of the investors’ funds funds to pay unrelated business or personal expenses, including approximately $780,000 that was misappropriated since January 2013. “Vazquez and Fluetsch perpetrated this deception by raising money from investors with promises that investor money would be used to purchase and renovate real estate and that Hoplon’s compensation would be strictly limited, while in reality they were draining most of the money from (New Economic Opportunities Fund) accounts for their own purpose,” the SEC alleges in its complaint. According to the SEC complaint, Vazquez and Fluetsch actually did purchase some properties, and were actually successful in turning a profit by flipping those properties, but did not make enough money to cover the money they took for their own use. “Despite its failure to fully invest offering proceeds, (New Economic Opportunities Fund’s) real estate transactions did turn a modest profit. However, the profits obtained by (New Economic Opportunities Fund) were not nearly sufficient to cover the amounts being diverted to Hoplon, Vazquez, and Fluetsch.” The complaint alleges that, by promoting and selling these securities, Hoplon, a state-registered investment adviser, and Vazquez, a registered representative of a broker-dealer, violated federal broker-dealer registration provisions. The SEC charged Hoplon, Vazquez, and Fluetsch with a number of securities law violations.

Google Questions and Answers: Everything you need to know

Google launched the Questions and Answers feature in August of 2017, but it has been surprisingly underutilized by both marketers and small business owners. I’m going to try to explain why this feature is so important and why it’s crucial that you start actively monitoring the questions you receive on the business listings you manage. Opinions expressed in this article are those of the guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land. Staff authors are listed here. Attend the largest search marketing conference on the West Coast: SMX West! You'll get useful, proven tactics in SEO, SEM, conversion optimization, social media, mobile and more. Register now! She regularly contributes to many online communities in the Local SEO world, including the Google My Business forum (Top Contributor), the Local Search Forum (Top Contributor), and the Local University Forum (Moderator). Joy currently works as a product consultant at Imprezzio Marketing in Toronto. She also loves to blog on her own time about things pertaining to Local SEO.

2017 was the best year for existing home sales since 2006

Despite a weak December ending a trend of two straight months of increases, there were still more existing homes sold last year than in any year since 2006. That bests 2016’s total of 5.45 million and becomes the highest that figure has been since 2006, when there were 6.48 million existing homes sold. According to the NAR report, existing home sales fell in December by 3.6% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.57 million from a downwardly revised 5.78 million in November. “At the same time, market conditions were far from perfect. “Existing home sales posted a weak December, ending 2017 on a disappointing note after appearing to have picked up momentum in October and November. They ended the year very close to where they began it,” Zillow Senior Economist Aaron Terrazas said. As Terrazas noted, inventory is still a concern. According to NAR’s report, total housing inventory at the end of December fell 11.4% to 1.48 million existing homes available for sale, and is now 10.3% below one year ago. Unsold inventory is at a 3.2-month supply at the current sales pace, which is down from 3.6 months a year ago to the lowest level since NAR began tracking that data in 1999. “The lack of supply over the past year has been eye-opening and is why, even with strong job creation pushing wages higher, home price gains – at 5.8% nationally in 2017 – doubled the pace of income growth and were even swifter in several markets,” Yun said.

A new era of personalization: The hyperconnected customer experience

We are entering a new year in martech where organizational metrics of success will increasingly be aligned with customer success metrics. The growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) has meant that more and more customers are becoming hyperconnected across multiple devices that can range from desktop to laptops, mobiles and smart devices people use on a daily basis: wearables like Fitbit, the Apple Watch, car navigation and entertainment, and even home appliances. While this brings massive opportunity for marketers to communicate across all areas of the martech stack, it also brings with it challenges in communicating and connecting effectively across a fragmented customer experience. [Read the full article on MarTech Today.] Opinions expressed in this article are those of the guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land. Attend the largest search marketing conference on the West Coast: SMX West! You'll get useful, proven tactics in SEO, SEM, conversion optimization, social media, mobile and more. Register now! About The Author Andy has over 15 years experience in formulating marketing, digital and content strategies for many of the world's leading brands, agencies and technology pioneers. He has also spends considerable time consulting, and travelling across the World, for many digital and content marketing technology startups -- working on research, event and publication projects.

3 Ways to Build Your Brand Identity Using Content Marketing

When I work with digital strategy clients who are struggling with content marketing, I always ask them to take the logo test, inspired by this excellent Content Marketing Institute article. Your brand voice. "From startups to global businesses, the organizations with the best content strategy are those that create content reflective of their brand's unique personality and then use this content to build stronger relationships with prospects and clients," says Midon. Vision, voice, and value: Bringing branded content marketing to life As the name implies, "branded content marketing" needs to be grounded in your brand's identity. If your content can't pass the "logo test," it will be just another of those generic pieces daily bombarding your target audience. To make your content stand out, bring your brand identity to life with three steps: Define your vision. Define your brand voice. While you may have a very clear idea of your brand's voice, ask yourself, is everyone else at your company on board with this voice, too? Branded content is beneficial not only for defining the buying vision in your favor but also for reminding existing customers about how valuable your offerings truly are. From case studies to white papers, how can you create content that helps existing customers maximize the value of your offerings?


With Home Prices and Interest Rates Rising, How Much Could Mortgage...

Buyers looking to purchase a $274,900 home—the median list price—can expect to pay $168 a month more for their mortgage this year as a result of higher home prices and interest rates over the past 12 months. According to Hale's analysis of the top 20 housing markets, five other markets will also see significant mortgage payment increases: San Francisco ($378), Los Angeles ($363), San Diego ($242), Minneapolis ($236), and Atlanta ($213). Interest rates on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage have increased 28 basis points during the same time period. “For many buyers, it will be a choice of selecting a lower-priced home, and perhaps giving up some desired home features to get into that lower price range, or digging deeper into their wallets, if they want to close," she added. However, Hale said that most of the payment increase can be attributed to higher home prices rather than the rising mortgage rates—and real estate pros in the priciest markets confirm that skyrocketing prices are top of mind for buyers. In Seattle, rising mortgage rates are "not the chief concern among buyers," says Chris Bajuk, a Seattle-based real estate agent at HomeSmart Real Estate Associates. "From a historic perspective, mortgage rates in general are still remarkably cheap," adds Matthew Gardner, chief economist of Windermere Real Estate, a brokerage with offices in 10 Western states, including Washington and California. Even so, knowing that rates are going up will spur would-be buyers to get going, laying the foundation for what could be a frenzied home-buying season in spring and summer. “People who are thinking about buying, if they’re seeing rates rising, are going to try to get into the market sooner rather than later," Gardner says. There’s going to be more buyers than there will be sellers."