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Digital Marketing News: State of Social, Super Super Bowl Ads, Scheduled Posts on Instagram

The State of Social 2018 Report: Your Guide to Latest Social Media Marketing Research [New Data]. The wild west of influencer marketing gets some guidelines from the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s social media, native and content committee. The group has produced an in-depth guide for publishers considering new influencer marketing options as part of their branded advertising packages and for marketers and their agencies trying to figure out how to best leverage influencer marketing programs. Instead, the support is being added to Instagram’s API – meaning that social media software applications like Hootsuite, Sprout Social or SocialFlow now have access to the functionality. TechCrunch Twitter Is Working on a Snapchat-Style Video Sharing Tool. Twitter shares gained as much as 1.4 percent early Thursday. MarketingLand Marketers’ Top SEO Priorities for 2018. Marketers say social media, on-site optimization, and content creation are their top search engine optimization (SEO) priorities this year, according to recent research from Clutch, which surveyed 303 marketing decision makers in the U.S.. MarketingProfs Digital Video Ad Revs Forecast To More Than Double On YouTube, Facebook. Google announced that it is expanding the number of places where its “Mute this Ad” functionality will be available. Once a user tells Google she doesn’t like an ad, Google will stop displaying it across all the devices that user is logged into.

Urban Institute calls out shortfalls in federal housing assistance

The Urban Institute recently published a new report saying federal housing assistance programs aim to ensure recipients have decent, safe and affordable housing, however it claims new policy changes have left these programs falling short of their goals. In the report, the Urban Institute suggests a need for a serious review of affordable housing policy with a focus on developing a stronger evidence base before attempting large-scale changes to federal housing assistance programs. The company created the chart below to demonstrate that as housing stability decreases, the need for other public benefits and systems increases. Click to Enlarge (Source: Joint Centers for Housing Studies of Harvard University, U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Urban Institute) But the Urban Institute claims that despite the strong need, there are still “shortfalls” in federal housing assistance. “Despite this array of options, housing assistance programs do not come close to meeting the actual need. The chart below shows that currently, only about 20% of those who need federal assistance receive it. Click to Enlarge What’s more, many of those on waiting lists for voucher programs will need to wait more than a year, and more than half of those needing voucher will be put on a waiting list. Click to Enlarge “In a time when only one in five eligible renter households actually receive federal assistance, any reduction to federal funding for public housing or vouchers threatens the well-being of millions of low-income households,” the report said. “The administration’s proposed budget cuts and many of the other proposed reforms to housing assistance—minimum rents, rent increases, time limits, work requirements, and others—are not new, but the evidence on how these changes have or will affect the availability of housing assistance and the livelihoods of those eligible for it remains scattered and thin.” “And there is little discussion of the fact that most of these proposals assume that recipients are able-bodied adults capable of work; increasingly, however, most are elderly and disabled,” the report continued. “What we do know is that housing assistance plays a critical role in stabilizing low-income households and promoting positive health and educational outcomes.”

Home prices are rising faster than wages in 80% of U.S. markets

Climbing home prices and less than significant increases in wage growth have contributed to renting becoming a more affordable option for Americans, according to ATTOM Data Solutions' latest Rental Affordability Report. In 59% of U.S. metros studied, renting a three-bedroom property is less expensive than purchasing a median-priced home. That’s a whopping 442 out of the 755 counties, according to the report. Notably, ATTOM discovered that renting is also a more affordable option in 18 of the nation’s most populated counties and 93% of counties with a population consisting of more than 1 million people. “With home price appreciation increasing annually at an average of 6.7% in those counties analyzed for this report and rental rates increasing an average of 3.5%, coupled with the fact that home prices are outpacing wages in 80% of the counties, renting a home is clearly becoming the more attractive option in this volatile housing market,” ATTOM Data Solutions Director of Content Jennifer von Pohlmann said. In fact, median home prices increased at a faster pace than average weekly wages in 601 of the 755 counties analyzed in its report. Furthermore, home prices outpaced rents in 70% of housing markets, and median home prices rose faster than average fair market rents in 531 counties, according to ATTOM. That being said, 76% of the 469 counties analyzed in ATTOM's Home Affordability Report posted an affordability index below 100 in Q4 of 2018, according to ATTOM’s analysis. “With rental affordability outpacing home affordability in the majority of U.S. housing markets, and home prices rising faster than rental rates, the American dream of owning a home, may be just that — a dream,” Pohlmann concluded. NOTE: The Rental Affordability Report analyzes average rental data for three-bedroom properties in 2018 and early 2019 from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, along with wage data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Why Old-School Brands Like Gap Need to Learn New Tricks to Survive in the...

Digital now, transformation later When it comes to digital transformation, most brands have the digital side down. “They have the technology, they just aren’t using it properly.” For brands, digital transformation usually centers on optimizing the customer experience. “When companies put this kind of team together and take all the business-as-usual responsibilities off their plate, 100 percent of the time it leads to a broader agile marketing transformation.” According to Gartner, by 2020 more than one in five marketers will restructure their organizations to focus on the customer experience. “The first thing we had to do was change our mentality,” says Zucker. “Some people didn’t want to do that, so they left. “Digital transformation is actually an outside-in process that’s being driven by what I call ‘Digital Darwinism,'” Solis says. They’ve acquired the technology, but haven’t really looked at what’s different about behaviors, expectations and preferences, or how they can use it to create new value for customers and employees.” But even highly advanced companies are still struggling to spread transformative models and mindsets across the entire company, says Gartner’s Ross. “And that’s really about putting the customer as the center of what they do.” A brand is really a set of promises, Hartman explains; a brand keeps its promises by delivering the kinds of experience the customer expects. Increasingly, though, consumers expect brands to not know only who they are and what they like, but also to understand the context of each moment and adjust their promises accordingly—what Hartman terms the “Big E experience,” where “E” stands for empathy. It’s not really digital transformation, it’s really business transformation and customer-centered thinking.” Gap’s Paransky acknowledges that once you’re on the path to transformation, there’s no getting off.

6 Email Metrics You Have to Track

On a well-maintained email list, the bounce rate should be small -- ideally, about one percent or less. Opt-out rate Every time you send an email to your opt-in list, some of the people on the list will decide they no longer want to get email from you and will opt out or unsubscribe, which simply means they'll ask you to remove their name and email address from your list and send no more emails to them. According to Constant Contact, open rates can range from five percent to 20 percent, with the average being around 10 percent to 15 percent. For each email I send out, I'm much more concerned about the next three metrics: clickthrough rate, conversion rate and gross revenues. Clickthrough rate The clickthrough rate (CTR) is the percentage of people receiving your email marketing message who respond to your offer by clicking the hyperlink to reach your sales page for more details and possibly to order. For instance, if you send an email to a list of 10,000 subscribers with an offer of a $39 product, when the CTR and conversion rate are each one percent, we get only 10 orders for $390 revenues on the email. More companies are augmenting their marketing strategies with intelligent technology because when armed with the right information, you can carefully segment your messages to address your most valuable prospects’ needs. And the good news is that personalization is available to all businesses -- large and small. Your message is only as good as your data, and your data is only valuable if you segment along the right lines. According to a 2017 MarketingSherpa survey of 2,400 consumers, 26 percent of them unsubscribe from email lists because they receive too many emails in general, and 19 percent unsubscribe when they receive too many emails from a single company.

Boost Your Facebook Post Engagement Using These 10 Tricks

The biggest question for a Facebook marketer is this: how do you get people engaged with your post? Thanks to an advertising method that Facebook calls Page Post Engagement adverts, you can keep up with all your followers and reach new ones at the same time. Ask Your Questions So you want to know more about your target audience? Enhance the Visual Appeal of Your Page A single relevant image can boost the engagement on your page more than a brilliant textual status update. B2C marketers place even greater importance on visual marketing when compared to B2B marketers. What are they doing differently to engage the Facebook audience? Ad links to important Facebook status updates in the updates you post on other social media. If you’re not getting them engaged enough, improve the quality before you start working on the quantity of posts. Try posting at a different time every day to see when you can get people engaged. But with a robust strategy and thoughtful audience analysis, it's possible to master your Facebook presence and keep the audience engaged.

What Is Influencer Marketing And How Can I Find An Influencer?

In an online world of thousands of shouting voices, influencer marketing has become the next big buzzword. First things first: influencer marketing is not new. What makes influencer marketing especially important right now is the ever-growing importance of social media. How influencer marketing can increase your ROI Consumers have always valued word of mouth over any other form of marketing. Thanks to their reach and following, influencers can talk directly to thousands more consumers than you are able to on your own. Their voice will increase the credibility and awareness of your brand and drive more and more traffic to your website. Followers are of course important when you’re trying to reach new consumers, but the key thing when selecting your influencer is that they fit with your brand. According to a survey by Collective Bias, only 3% of consumers would consider buying a product endorsed by a celebrity, but 30% would be more likely to buy if a product was recommended by a non-celebrity influencer. Rather than just paying your influencer to say nice things about your products, here are some easy suggestions to create a mutually beneficial relationship that will help and inform their audience, and drive consumers towards your brand. Visit the Online Marketing Institute to browse over 400 classes in the digital and social media marketing space.

4 Integrated Content Marketing Insights From the Trenches of Online Dating

As a marketing copywriter who’s working day in and day out to woo my audience with clever prose and charming insights, it’s my job to make a great first impression on my audience. #1 – Looks are everything, which means visual and visually appealing content is an imperative. If visual content isn’t a key component of your content marketing mix — from native or produced video on social to the actual structure of your content — it probably won’t do much to stop scrolling thumbs from passing over you. Instead, it makes me immediately want to swipe left. He’s the king of injecting humor into his writing, which translates into his title meta content to pull people in from search (see picture below). This same practice should be applied to your paid social promotion where you can target specific audience segments with customized messages. Through targeted posts, you can feel confident that you’re attracting the right audience. Entice the “Swipe” When it comes to reaching, resonating, and captivating your audience, you know simply publishing a good piece of content isn’t enough. Integrating a mix of interconnected tactics such as compelling visual content and content infrastructure, honest and intriguing SEO, smooth social promotion, and digital advertising that hones in on your perfect match, are key for enticing your audience. Once you’ve gotten the “swipe,” what comes next?

Real estate team closes third Bitcoin-only transaction in Florida

The Keyes Company announced the third Bitcoin-only real estate transaction in Florida closed this week. The Keyes Company’s Elizabeth Perez Team completed the sale of a Miami townhouse on Wednesday. This is believed to be the third such transaction to close in Florida as both real estate buyers and sellers are starting to embrace cryptocurrency, the company said. Perez told HousingWire that to protect both sides of the transaction, there was a fluctuation limit in place during the transfer period for the money. "The value was set in dollars, and the number of bitcoins was determined at the moment of the closing,” Perez explained. “We negotiated with the buyer to have a fluctuation limit during the period of transfer, as a safeguard for both sides against a sudden crash or spike. Luckily, while there was some fluctuation, it was minimal by the time of receipt and everyone walked away happy." We are well-positioned to accommodate buyers and sellers who want to use cryptocurrencies in transactions.” Yaramis Caminero represented the buyer in the deal and South Miami attorney Jonathan Coto handled the closing, according to a release from Keyes. Perez said this transaction shows that cryptocurrencies are becoming “mainstream” in the real estate industry and business world. “Real estate sales using Bitcoin or Ethereum are adding legitimacy to the use of cryptocurrencies in the real world,” he said.

Redfin: Homes keep getting cheaper

In October home sale prices climbed 4.5%, however the percentage of listings that had a price drop of more than 1% reached an 8-year high, according to new data from Redfin. This October, home sale prices reached a median of $297,200, increasing 2.4% from the previous month, Redfin explained. Redfin also reported that 32 of the 71 largest metro areas saw home price increase from September, attributing this growth to home sales shifting to more expensive areas, rather than individual homes increasing in value. “Some homebuyers are adjusting their price range down, and others are backing out of home-buying entirely–deciding that renting is a better deal." “Sellers are now realizing buyer demand isn’t what it used to be and are dropping their prices. Notably, the number of homes for sale increased 1.3% from 2017, reaching the highest level of inventory growth since September 2015. The U.S. Census Bureau announced that residential construction spending was at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $556.4 billion in September, 0.6% above the revised August estimate of $553 billion. Fairweather said that for the remainder of 2018, Redfin will examine how the California wildfires impact national housing market trends. “The fact is that rising mortgage rates and high home prices have a bigger long-term effect on the local housing market than the fires’ destruction.” As of today, the most recent California wildfires have claimed the lives of 63 people and destroyed more than 135,000 acres. You can read more about the devastation here.


7 Times You Can Kiss Your Security Deposit Goodbye

One of the many fees associated with renting a new apartment is the security deposit. It's an amount of money a landlord will collect from renters before they move in, and it's commonly used to cover damage to the property, key replacement, and any late or unpaid rent. Most tenants can expect to get back some or all of their security deposit when they move out—depending, of course, on the condition they leave the place in. However, recouping your security deposit is not always a given. Moving out late Your move-out date determines when the apartment can be fixed up for the next tenant, since landlords typically paint, replace carpets, and make repairs when the unit is empty. But if you move out late, you'll delay the whole process—and prevent your landlord from being able to allow the new tenant to move in and start paying rent. Letting your kids run wild Kids say—and also do—the darnedest things, and your landlord isn’t amused. Exceeding normal wear and tear This is a key factor: Anytime your unit is damaged above and beyond normal wear and tear, you probably won’t get your money back. Failing to return your place in move-in condition It's natural to want to personalize your unit while living there, but don’t forget to leave it in move-in condition, or a close approximation of how it looked when you moved in. “Landlords can withhold security deposits for furniture that is left behind to cover the cost of removing it.” 7.

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