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Direct Marketing Is Thriving In Millennial Mailboxes: Here’s How To Make...

Everybody knows that millennials (the generation currently between the ages of 20 and 36) are glued to their smartphones and couldn’t care less about your direct response marketing efforts, right? I’m not going to say that all millennials prefer mail over digital because that would just be another broad generalization -- but we do know that a significant majority of them (77%, to be exact) pay attention to direct mail advertising. And the biggest surprise may be that millennials’ affinity for mail, in general, surpasses that of other generations. How To Make The Most Of Your Direct Mail Advertising There are many ways for companies to put together targeted direct marketing campaigns, and they start by following these three tips. (Full disclosure: My company offers direct mail marketing services.) Build A Laser-Targeted Mailing List The data available to direct marketers continues to get better and more accurate. Test And Track Everything It is essential that marketers track everything when starting a new campaign or implementing a new strategy. It is a direct marketing approach that suggests if you can get your message in front of a prospect three times, that person will be able to recall who you are. After 27 times, that person will develop trust in you and your brand. That same strategy holds true when trying to reach millennials.