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6 Hacks for Making Tenant Management More Hands-Off

People buy rental properties because they want to build passive income. But the ultimate goal of all landlords is to minimize that work and keep their rental income as passive as possible. How can landlords keep their property management more hands-off? When tenants call you about a maintenance issue, it will take you one phone call to solve it, if you have a strong relationship with a good handyman. Related: How to Upgrade Your Landlording to Make Your Investment More Passive But turnovers are a lot of work. All you have to do is send your handyman to make the recommended repairs, and double check that you agree with the leasing agent’s recommended tenant choice. You pay a leasing fee to the agent, but you don’t have to pay ongoing management fees, which are expensive and involve very little work on the part of the property manager. In our property management course, we recommend inspecting twice a year. Hands-Off Rental Management Want to work less as a landlord and earn more? Second, minimize rent defaults, and automate your rent collection.