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Why You Should Constantly Seek Investors—And How to Find Them

Those of you growing your real estate businesses already know that it requires a lot of capital. What better time to build those “pre-existing relationships” than when you have no offering to solicit? If you’ve never raised money before, forget about pitching your idea to wealthy, accredited investors that you’ve never met. It’s because it works, but more so it’s because no one other than the founder’s inner circle is likely to take the risk on an unproven idea. “But my friends and family don’t have any money!” Yeah, I’ve not only heard that before, but I’ve lived it. What to Say to People What do you say when talking to your inner circle? Tell them about deals you’ve done and deals you plan to do. It took me several years to get investors to believe in me. Keep Drilling As real estate entrepreneurs, we should always be in “capital raise mode.” This means whether we are currently trying to fund a deal or not, we are always seeking new investors. Don’t let yourself run out of water.