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6 Ways To Get Your Home Ready For A Spring Sale

Selling your home in the spring doesn’t mean you have to actually wait until spring to prepare your home for a sale. “The best way to prepare your home for a spring sale is to open it up, lighten it up and brighten it up,” says Cook. “There was a period of time when people were doing a lot of decorative valances,” says Cook. “For instance, a major kitchen remodel will cost an average of $66,000 but will only add about $41,000 to your home's value with a 62% return on investment.” Think small with renovations. “Rather than replace the kitchen cabinets, just replace the doors or repaint the cabinets instead,” says Dutton. If you're going to spend serious money on anything, focus on the exterior of your home, since this is the very first impression buyers get of your home and it counts.” For instance, she says one renovation that pays for itself and boosts curb appeal is a garage door replacement, which will cost around $3,600 but net a 97% return on investment. Cook says make sure all your lightbulbs are operable to show your home in its best light. “Go around and check all your lamps and light fixtures and make sure that all your bulbs are working.” Paint with whites and neutrals. “You'd be amazed how tiny flaws you've ceased to notice in your own home like a loose doorknob or creaky window can stick out in buyers' minds and make them think, 'What else is broken here?’ says Dutton, adding: “Be sure to make any repairs, particularly to things buyers will notice, but also other things you just know must be done. She recommends having your carpet professionally cleaned before putting your home up for sale.