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Affordability continues to haunt homeowners and renters nationwide, especially Californians navigating one of the nation’s most unaffordable markets.

As Californians struggle to afford their homes, state legislators are scrambling to make the American Dream accessible for their constituents.

A recently introduced proposition may offer Californian renters some peace of mind, according to an article from NPR.

The proposition, Prop. 10, is billed as a local rent control initiative and it could potentially repeal the Costa Hawkins Act.

The Costa Hawkins Act prohibits rent control on the majority of housing built after the 1970s, preventing local cities from expanding rent control. It also allows for units to transition to free-market rates once rent-controlled tenants move, according to the article.

Although Prop. 10 will be presented to Californian voters this November, some claim the proposition distracts from the real issue: inventory.

From the article:

But Prop 10 has its detractors, including people…