Editor’s Note: Brenda Savoie is a content marketer and English Tutor who writes at BestWritingClues. Today she joins us to discuss 10 simple ways Facebook marketers can engage their audience.

There’s hardly a business owner or marketing expert who hasn’t realized this: social media marketing is the best way to enhance brand image and user engagement. Although everyone knows this, we constantly see bad examples of social media marketing. Facebook, as the largest social media network, is the place where we see brilliant marketing strategies in action, but we also see undermining techniques that can easily ruin a business.

The biggest question for a Facebook marketer is this: how do you get people engaged with your post? You can’t expect them to check your page on a daily basis. They are surrounded by ads and information, so you have to do something special to earn their attention.

A Unique Approach

Maria Popovich, marketing expert at BestEssays, emphasizes the fact that Facebook content shouldn’t be overly promotional:

“[Facebook audiences] want to connect with your brand in a way that makes it part of their lifestyle. That’s the direction Facebook marketing should aim for: developing close connection with the brand’s users, and engaging them through personalized posts.”

How do you achieve high engagement with each post we publish on your Facebook pages? Here are 10 tricks to get you started:

1. Start a Contest

People like contests so much that they specifically search for ones they can join. Contests with valuable prizes are a great way to attract more traffic towards your Facebook page. However, it’s also a great way to engage your current followers. First of all, you’ll ask them to do something in order to enter the contest. For example, you’ll ask them to like and share the post, and drop a comment on it. Then, most people will repeatedly visit your page to see if the winners are announced.

Contests are awesome because they get people excited to try your brand.

2. Invest in Facebook Ads

No matter how awesome your posts are and how carefully you plan their timing, not everyone from your target audience will see them. Thanks to an advertising method that Facebook calls Page Post Engagement adverts, you can keep up with all your followers and reach new ones at the same time.

3. Ask Your Questions

So you want to know more about your target audience? Of course you do! To get all information you need, you rely on data from all kinds of sources. That’s important, but so is direct communication. Facebook is the perfect platform for that. Why don’t you just ask your followers what they expect from your brand and what improvements they would like to see?

These types of questions engage people because they encourage them to talk about themselves. You can do this by asking questions through status updates, but you can also publish polls or surveys on your Facebook page.

4. Call Them to Action

Posting high-quality content all the time makes a true difference, but you won’t see great results if you fail to