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32 Signs You Might Be a Bona Fide Real Estate Investor

There are so many ways to invest in real estate. Related: 5 Habits of Highly Miserable New Real Estate Investors (& How to Kick Them!) You Might Be a Real Estate Investor If… You have driven by a property with an overgrown lawn and shrubs, and rather than think a lazy homeowner lives there, you wondered if there was an opportunity to make money there. You have investigated several different ways to get more property financing and more mortgages, even though you currently only have a single mortgage—on your primary residence. is not a factor in the investment formula—regardless of what any real estate agent says. You factor in the cost of a property manager—even if you plan on managing the property yourself. You understand that a bad tenant can ruin your rental returns for several years—even though your plan says you cash flow. You make an offer on a property that makes your real estate agent feel embarrassed to submit—and you make a similar offer on a different property later that same day. People tell you, “I looked at that property too, but I could not make the numbers work,” and then they ask you, “How did you get the property that cheap?” People think you are crazy spending so much on a property, and then a few months later, they want to give you their money to invest. You understand that real estate is just an opportunity, and there will always be opportunities.