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Millennials on the move: the best and worst states to live...

For Millennials looking to buy a home, a new ranking suggests heading anywhere but the South. That’s where the majority of the nation’s worst states for Millennials are located, with New Mexico, West Virginia and Mississippi leading the pack. Its quality of life ranking is also among the best in the country. Texas is the highest-ranked southern state at No. 1 for lowest Millennial housing costs, followed by West Virginia, Kentucky, Arkansas and North Dakota, while the highest Millennial homeownership rates are in Minnesota, West Virginia, Indiana, Utah and Delaware. Millennial income is highest in D.C., New York, Massachusetts, Washington and California, while Millennial unemployment rates are lowest in North Dakota, Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa and Utah. Verify your new rate (Apr 25th, 2018) Where not to move The South claimed nine of the 10 worst states for Millennials, with New Mexico coming in dead last. West Virginia, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Florida also made the list of the worst states for Millennials. Get today’s rates Want to buy a home in one of the nation’s best states for Millennials? Show Me Today's Rates (Apr 25th, 2018) The information contained on The Mortgage Reports website is for informational purposes only and is not an advertisement for products offered by Full Beaker.