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9 Real Estate Investing Tips for a Better 2018

It was fun, and the tips could really be anything somehow related to real estate, whether it was how to save time and money, avoid aggravation, or even increase yields. 9 Real Estate Investing Tips for a Better 2018 1. Use tax strategies. What one thing could you really leverage this year to take your business or your investing to another level? There are probably too many ways to mention, but another favorite strategy of mine is working with charities, or having a charity component to your business. One of my game plans as I approach retirement is pay off a rental home, move it to a family trust, then when the values and interest rates rise, sell it with owner financing to a real estate investor’s LLC, and place the loan into servicing for collections. So, whether you do a biweekly mortgage, send in next month’s principal with this month’s payment, or if you’re using a more advantageous strategy like utilizing sweep accounts, there are plenty of ways to shrink your debt service and increase your cash flow. Related: 7 Questions to Help Make Your Financial or Real Estate Investing Goals Reality 8. Build in asset protection and liquidity. Another area we can look at in 2018 is how we can take business or investment risk off the table.