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How to invest in real estate without buying a home

"But you'll only want to have 5% of your portfolio in real estate," he says. Investing in real estate equity through ETFs, mutual funds or real estate investment funds provides exposure to the upside of real estate appreciation. Another option is investing in real estate risk, which comes with more fixed returns. Real estate equity Real estate investment trusts, or REITs, are a common way to diversify into real estate equity. A real estate ETF, like Vanguard's VNQ, offers investors publicly traded equity REITS and other real estate investments. The T. Rowe Price Real Estate Fund (TRREX), with $5.3 billion in assets, is a giant among actively managed real estate mutual funds. Newer online platforms, like Fundrise, Rich Uncles or Realty Mogul allow investors to get into diversified real estate portfolios for a lot less than the large funds. Realty Mogul offers access to private investment deals or you can invest in its REITs, which have a minimum investment of $1,000. "I enjoy investing in the online platforms because I can see the properties that I am investing in," says Rose. Other platforms for investing in real estate debt, like AlphaFlow, offer a portfolio of real estate loans rather than investments in individual loans.