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How Finding Success in Real Estate is a Bit Like Quitting...

Your options are to feel empty and useless, perhaps enjoying the spoils of success until they bore you, or set new goals and re-enter the cycle of permanent presuccess failure” (Adams 32). But when you align your life with high-achieving systems, you don’t have to worry so much about hitting your next goal—and then setting a new one and going back to the point of “presuccess failure.” Or what if you miss your goal? For example, I would say to myself something like, “Smoking is a good cure for boredom.” Well, that’s dumb because it’s actually rather challenging to think of anything at all that is more boring that smoking a cigarette. Increasingly people don’t smoke in their homes and won’t have that first cigarette until they are in the car on the way to work… These smokers have eight or maybe ten hours without a cigarette—going through withdrawal all the while, but it doesn’t seem to bother them” (Carr 34). Well, the point is that one of the reasons that quitting smoking is so hard (just like many other life changes) is because we are desiring an illusory goal. As Carr points out, smokers who try to quit using the “willpower method” are “never quite sure whether they’ve kicked it.” Indeed, how do you know when you’ve reached a goal of not doing something? Is that a new goal? At What Point in Your Business Have You Become Successful? There is no destination of “success” in life, just as there is no destination of being a “nonsmoker.” It’s hard to exactly define when you’ve gotten there.