Finding and applying for a mortgage has always been a fairly long-winded and often tedious process, but it seems the mortgage industry is finally catching up with the digital revolution.

Most major lenders can now at least begin the mortgage application process online; although having to drop offline to complete the application over the phone and via the post is still commonplace. Fortunately, with the rise in the number of mortgage brokers conducting their business online, Habito, Trussle and Dwell for example, finding a mortgage is getting easier.

This year, mortgage broker Nuvo is going a step further with the launch of its Facebook Messenger service utilising smart technology and artificial intelligence.

Accessed via Facebook Messenger, the Nuvo chatbot, when provided with some basic customer information, can suggest the best mortgage options in under one minute. More importantly, the chatbot can answer customer questions at any point in the process and deal with more complex mortgage requirements.

Smoother future

For the online-savvy and time-poor customer, accessing the chatbot via Facebook makes the task of mortgage hunting simpler and easier. Eventually, Nuvo plans…