9 Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Embark On A Renovation

If you’re getting ready to renovate, or just thinking about a few possibilities, you’ve got some decisions to make. Some of them may be easy (like finally getting rid of that mustard yellow paint, perhaps). But some will require you to search within – and within your wallet!

Tile or wood

If you’re redoing your floors, you’re probably in the middle of this debate. The growth of wood-look tile has only made the decision more difficult because you get an easy-care finish with the appearance you like. Keep in mind that wood is classic and relatively easy to take care of. But, it can scratch easily depending on the type of wood and the finish—and especially if you have dogs. Tile may seem like a better choice, but remember that it’s cold under foot, hard to stand on, and even harder if you fall on it.

Gray or beige

The search for the perfect neutral is wrought with challenge. If you can’t decide between the two because you’re worried beige is “out” but you’re not sure of gray’s staying power, do what an increasing number of people are doing: Go greige.

“What if you could take the best of beige and gray, to create a neutral that can avoid the worst qualities of each? Greige has been wildly popular for several years, because it does bring the best of both worlds to life, as a neutral color,” said The Spruce.

Granite or quartz

This one’s easy. Quartz is today’s go-to when it comes to kitchen countertops. After many years at the top, granite has been replaced. If you are still leaning toward granite, keep in mind that buyers may not respond as positively as you.

Gas or electric

When it comes to cooking, chefs swear by the performance of gas stoves, but electric does have its advantages – mostly from an easy-cleanup standpoint. “Each type has its devotees, and its detractors,” said Bob Vila. “Burgeoning chefs may be swayed by the versatility and accuracy provided by the flame heating of gas stoves. Meanwhile, parents…