7 Ways to Take Your Marketing Strategies From Dull to Dynamic

Are you truly an “expert” at marketing your listings, your brand and your services?

You might want to think again. Even if you’re doing a decent job at marketing, the bar continually moves from average to exceptional. Your clients are looking for a real “deal,” so if you don’t have an exceptional value proposition to dazzle them with, you may be just another interview and find yourself competing with the crowd.

About now, you may be feeling a tad frustrated and confused, battling to keep up with the next best platform even though you’ve barely implemented the last shiny new tool. Don’t despair! Although you never want to abandon what’s always worked, tweaking the experience and the delivery is guaranteed to increase your production. Here are some tips to help you “wow” a potential listing client:

  1. Chances are you’ve relied on current MLS-generated CMAs and company tools that have worked well, but may now be limiting your conversions. Elevate yourself to expert status with hyperlocal statistics, trends and data specific and relevant to that homeowner.
  1. Acknowledge that the mutual goal is to get the best price in the shortest period of time, which takes powerful marketing with precision. Have both a digital and print marketing plan that goes way beyond the standard MLS fare. Give the seller a totally unique and refreshing presentation with…