When I was 19 years old, I bought my first rental property. At that age, I had a lot to learn and teach myself as I started managing my first property. Eventually, I was able to grow my investment into an actual business and leave a corporate job to co-found Influence & Co., and I still own and manage quite a few properties today.

As an entrepreneur, I’m asked more about my investments in real estate than almost any other question because other entrepreneurs love to know about areas of passive income they can look into to hedge against the entrepreneurial risks they take.

Last year, house flipping hit a decade high. More and more people continue to invest in real estate, and it’s becoming increasingly challenging to find a profitable real estate deal before the next investor pounces on it first.

That’s why the most successful investors are pairing technology with what they do best to help find the best new opportunities. With the market getting more crowded, the right technology allows people to amplify their results. Here are seven companies that are shaking up the real estate industry with technology:

When you’re buying a property, bidding against other investors drives up the price you pay. One of my past employees and another I’ve worked with started DealMachine, where you can buy properties nobody else knows are for sale. I might be biased because I knew these two well (and they’re now clients of ours), but this app was something I needed, as I always looking at properties that were off market but still could be a good deal. Use the app to take a picture of any house, and it instantly provides owner information and sends the picture to the owner in the mail with your offer to buy the property. Not all owners will accept your offer, but the app follows up automatically until they respond.

Real estate has always been a relationship-based business, but today, building your brand and growing your online presence are just as important as your ability to personally connect. Carrot is a fast-growing provider of websites for real estate investors…