5 Fall Home Maintenance Items To Check Off Now Before The Cold Kicks In

Summer is on its way out – even if it doesn’t feel like it! – and fall is on the horizon. That means it’s time to start thinking about how to get your home ready for winter. “Summer hasn’t quite wound down yet, but fall isn’t as far away as it seems,” said Forbes. “Doing a round of simple fall maintenance chores now can save you time, money, and stress when the cold weather comes. ”

Here are five fall home maintenance activities to start thinking about this weekend.

Clean your gutters

Depending on your climate, you may have to get up in those gutters more than once to clear out leaves and other gunk and keep your home safe from flooding and damage. Giving them a look before the leaves fall will help ensure there is room for all that foliage. Once they fall, making sure to clean them out before the first freeze can limit clogs and keep dangerous ice dams away.

Check your chimney

Make sure everything is in order before the first fire of the season. “Creosote buildup causes chimney fires,” said Family Handyman. “You should have your chimney professionally inspected or cleaned after every 70 fires. If you burn wet wood (which you shouldn’t), have it inspected or cleaned every 50 fires. Don’t remember the…