There is a darker side of entrepreneurship that few talk about. Failure to recognize this can cause a lot of stress and life detours. Here are some of the things I’ve learned on my journey as a business owner and entrepreneur so far.

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5 Darker Aspects of Entrepreneurship You Need to Accept Before Taking the Plunge

If you earnestly throw yourself into active real estate investment or are launching your own business, you’ll soon encounter and realize the following.

1. It’s not glamorous.

It’s not all fame and glory, especially at the beginning. You’re often doing things you don’t want to do prior to being able to get someone else in there to take on those tasks. You’ll frequently find you are doing the same small, day-to-day tasks most of the time. Patience is the magic word.

2. You have to make sacrifices.

To find the time, funds, and traction you seek, you have to make sacrifices. You may have to give up a hobby to find the extra time. You may have to humble yourself to do tasks you normally wouldn’t dream of. You may have to cut back on what you spend until you turn a profit. With one of the first businesses I started, I actually had negative funds in my bank account. The bank provided a unofficial loan, which I paid back later, once I started bringing in profit.

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3. Everything is up to you.

If you want to…