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Imagine that you’ve started a new real estate website. Or maybe you decided to reinvest in an old site. You’ve invested thousands of dollars in the design. You’ve researched the competition, and you’re confident your website is much more functional (not to mention beautiful) than their website. You’re on your way to discovering streets of gold.

That was six months ago. Since then, there’s been little success and lots of frustration. The traffic just isn’t showing up like you expected it to. Your designer did a marvelous job. Your rivals are waiting to be dominated. What’s the problem? It turns out it’s your SEO. Don’t let this happen to you. Here are four SEO trends that realtors need to know.

Start Small: Use Modest Keywords

Dominating SEO is kind of like baseball. What happens when a baseball prospect is drafted? He goes to the minor leagues, perhaps Single A or Double A. He gets easy wins. Then, and only then, he attempts to chew on major league pitching. SEO is the same way. It’s hard for new websites to rank…