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Napoleon Bonaparte was a firebrand, a man who tossed out outrageously controversial and insensitive quotes. Yet, he has one gem that is loved by the masses. He quipped, “if you want a thing done well, do it yourself.”

That wisdom holds true in life and business. Need proof, just think about social media. Facebook has well over a billion users. Yet, email still is the best investment in marketing, giving marketers a 4300% ROI. Not only is email the most effective marketing tool, it’s also the most reliable. Platforms like Facebook are not in your control. You can be suspended or banned. You don’t own your content. However, email largely insulates you from caprice. Here are four proven email formulas for busy realtors. They are a great core for an effective sequence.

Hello Email

The “hello” email is your most important email. After all, it’s your first impression. This email needs to address several salient points. First, tell your prospects who you are. Second, let them know how you got their email. Show them you’re not violating CAN-SPAM. Lastly, let them know what value you…