3 Ways to Build Your Brand Identity Using Content Marketing

When I work with digital strategy clients who are struggling with content marketing, I always ask them to take the logo test, inspired by this excellent Content Marketing Institute article.
Your brand voice. “From startups to global businesses, the organizations with the best content strategy are those that create content reflective of their brand’s unique personality and then use this content to build stronger relationships with prospects and clients,” says Midon.
Vision, voice, and value: Bringing branded content marketing to life As the name implies, “branded content marketing” needs to be grounded in your brand’s identity.
If your content can’t pass the “logo test,” it will be just another of those generic pieces daily bombarding your target audience.
To make your content stand out, bring your brand identity to life with three steps: Define your vision.
Define your brand voice.
While you may have a very clear idea of your brand’s voice, ask yourself, is everyone else at your company on board with this voice, too?
Branded content is beneficial not only for defining the buying vision in your favor but also for reminding existing customers about how valuable your offerings truly are.
From case studies to white papers, how can you create content that helps existing customers maximize the value of your offerings?