Facebook has had a rough time over the last few months. After news broke that a Trump-allied voter-profiling firm had improperly harvested the personal information data of 50 million Facebook users, the company’s stock plunged precipitously, losing $37 billion in market value.

Yet this may be another case of a company being too big too fail. Billions of Facebook users continue to use the service to connect with friends and family, and companies will continue to find value in engaging different audiences on the world’s largest social network.

Social media is constantly evolving, which can make any digital advertising strategy a dicey proposition regardless of what’s happening in the current news cycle. Not only does the way we use social media as consumers change quickly, but the platforms are also getting more and more sophisticated with new and updated tools. A strategy that once worked wonders can become obnoxious to audiences — and even harmful to a brand — basically overnight.

While it’s always a tough needle to thread, the only way to connect with consumers is through authenticity in your messaging, making a point to reach audiences where they’re spending their time and connecting with them directly.

Of course, accomplishing this is easier said than done. But here are a few tips to get you moving in the right direction:

1. Throw out traditional ad display.

Traditional display ads are a thing of the past. The old reliance on impressions and clicks led marketers to lean heavily on click bait to maximize their ad traffic. Between the rise of ad blockers and the limited real estate of a tiny phone screen, the old display model has been steadily losing popularity.

So, what’s the solution? The answer lies in native ads, which are viewed 53 percent more often than banner ads. Many social platforms realized that keeping garbage out of their news feeds actually…