Make your posts #stopworthy

Think about your behavior when scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feeds. Are you stopping and looking at every post, or simply scanning until something catches your eye?

Yeah, same here. We don’t have time to read every post.

We’re looking for something out of the ordinary. Something that punches us in the face, something interesting, provocative, entertaining, something that creates emotion or begs us to engage with it, something stop-worthy!

Hot Tip: Post after post of house pictures is not stopworthy.

So, let’s look at what types of posts are stopworthy:

  • Things that promote engagement. For example, you could post a photo of a home and conduct a poll asking, “Guess what this home sold for …”
  • Posts that play to people’s fears, worries and doubts. Put yourself in your clients’ shoes and do some brainstorming. What’s on their minds? What scares them about buying or selling a house? What are their worries? What do they doubt? Break down those fears and provide answers.

Always remember: We solve problems for a profit. The…