3 Reasons Why Investing in Real Estate Is Easier Than Ever

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According to a study conducted by Morgan Stanley, more millionaires today have invested in real estate than any other asset class. While real estate investing may seem intimidating or out of reach, new technology is changing the game by increasing access and decreasing investment minimums.

To get a better understanding for how new and younger investors can begin building their real estate portfolios, I had a phone interview with Joy Schoffler, Chief Strategy Officer at Upside Avenue, a spin-off of traditional real estate investment companies that let’s the little guys in.

Upside Avenue started 16 years ago as a family office, acquiring multi-family buildings alongside other individual and institutional investors. Previously, this type of investment was only available for accredited, or wealthy, investors, but now Upside Avenue has opened their investments to the public at a minimum investment as low as $2,000.

With the early stage investor in mind, Schoffler recommends the following three tips for getting ahead in real estate:

1. Start conservatively.

The first and most important aspect to remember when investing is preserving money. “Market growth is slowing down,” explains Schoffler. “When you’ve worked hard to save money you can finally invest, you need to be careful to not just invest it anywhere. I recommend starting out by investing with a more conservative approach…