As much as home buyers hope and pray they’ll land their dream home, they don’t always act like it. Want proof? Just ask their real estate agents, who are often witness to a variety of home buyers’ odd, off-putting behaviors that can jeopardize the deal they apparently hope will come to pass.

Recently we shared some of the cringe-inducing moments that agents have experienced with sellers—and boy, were some of them doozies. But buyers, guess what? You can be trouble, too.

Here we shine the spotlight on buyer behaviors gone horribly wrong. As tempting as they may seem to some of you, don’t try these at home. Anyone’s home.

1. You broke something in a seller’s home, Part 1

“Years of air guitar practice doesn’t mean you’re entitled to pick up a client’s Les Paul … and showcase your version of ‘Vaya Con Dios.’ Drop the guitar, and this will cost you much more than just a house contract.” – Ashley Smith, Realty Associates, Irving, TX

2. You broke something in a seller’s home, Part 2

“I had a client try to test the shower pressure during a showing—and ended up breaking off the faucet handle, with the water on and no way to turn it off! My buyer ended up flooding the bathroom. Just wait for the inspector to test this type of thing.” – Charlie Panoff, Triplemint Real Estate, New York, NY

3. You were late … for the umpteenth time

“Clients who are chronically late for appointments make me look bad, since the seller often goes to great lengths to be available at the agreed-upon time. Canceling is even worse, since they have likely cleaned up the house and gotten it show-ready.” – Renay Brown, Real Estate One, Royal Oak, MI

4. You ripped up the carpets to see what was underneath

“Many buyers are convinced that there are gorgeous hardwood floors lurking under the carpet, and instead of just asking the seller, they decide to rip up a corner of the carpet to see what’s underneath. Hey, you’re not on HGTV; you actually just destroyed…