A common theme I’ve discovered amongst the guests I’ve interviewed during the first month of co-hosting the BiggerPockets Money Podcast is frugality. Living a frugal life allows many people to reach financial freedom—or helps them move down the path at an accelerated rate.

In addition to frugality, a common theme amongst my many friends on the path to financial independence is being money conscious.

They are aware of where their money is going and make conscious decisions on where to spend (and not spend) their money.

They rarely just throw out a $20 bill. (Pfft! My friends are all using credit cards to travel hack—no cash for us!) They do splurge, but only on things that truly matter. They cut their expenses every chance they get and regularly review their recurring bills to make sure they have the lowest price or most value for their money.

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I asked my friends for their finance hacks—ways to cut expenses out of your monthly budget. Here’s what a few of them had to say.

10 Finance Experts Share Painless Ways to Save $1,000

1. Don’t just save. Get creative with your side hustles!

Sarah Wilson, YouTube’s Budget Girl has a slightly different take on the question. She says, “The best way I’ve found to save money fast is to make money fast! Selling some stuff online (eBay, Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, or at a local consignment store) both declutters your house of unnecessary duplicates or things you don’t love, it can send them to people who will treasure them while painlessly padding your pocketbook. Be ruthless. Have you ever used those serving trays or extra cute glass pitchers? Same for decor piled in the closet or clothing for a different version of you. I’ve made hundreds of dollars in a weekend by snapping a few pics and listing them online. All that money can go straight to your money goals, and I’ve never missed a single thing I’ve sold. In fact, I always love my space when it’s been decluttered.”

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2. Consider refinancing debt.

My fellow daredevil Lee Huff from Bald Thoughts parlayed his savings into early debt repayment. “I refinanced my student loans and reduced the interest rate by 55%, which saved me over $1,000 a year. I used the savings to help pay off my…