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Living Your American Dream – where it begins and how it continues. Being energized and motivated to make your way in the world begins at your own homestead. Your home is the place where you feel secure just relaxing or strategizing your next adventure to brand your mark on the world. Whether that adventure entails emotional or financial risk or both, you need your safe haven with a moat around it and a drawbridge that you pull up in times of peril or reflection.

Imagine having your own little Kingdom. The place you always feel secure. Back during the days of kings and knights in shining armor, you would think of this as my castle, my horse, my chickens, my goats, and my armor. My castle with a moat around it and a drawbridge to protect my family and me from all threats.

Today, this is most likely your home, utilities, cars, food, insurance, living expenses, entertainment, and everything necessary for a reasonable life. Here is where the American Dream begins by outright owning your own home and having enough passive income to never feel threatened. In his book My Life & 1000 Houses; Failing Forward to Financial Freedom Mitch Stephen writes, “The minute my lifestyle was paid for in full, was the minute I could started chasing all the dreams of my life full time!”

Security begins at home. Security enables freedom to do anything you want to do. Security empowers risk taking from a risk-free home base. It takes courage to succeed at anything. Courage comes with risk. It takes courage and risk to live the American Dream…

What The American Dream Is

The ultimate truth about real estate is that no more of it will ever be created. It is a finite resource. Another key truth of real estate is the fact that it is the most tangible asset we have. Real estate never goes away. Real estate is NOT Xs and Os that can be manipulated on a financial statement or a luxury car that can be destroyed in a wreck. Still, real estate alone is not the American Dream. The American Dream is written into the United States Declaration of Independence.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these…