What does it really take to become a successful real estate investor?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any magic pills for lasting overnight success. There aren’t too many shortcut hacks that you can replicate again and again to (legally) make a significant amount of money. But on the bright side, it really doesn’t have to be that outrageously difficult either. The reason that so many self-help, motivational, and real estate books fail to truly deliver new secrets or fresh information is that the real keys to success in real estate are small, often daily actions and habits.

“Lose 600 lbs in 6 minutes a day for 6 weeks” sounds like a far more exciting type of claim than 10,000 hours to achieve mastery in a field. But what’s the reality of getting and staying in shape? Consistent positive daily actions. That’s what makes world class athletes. The same applies to real estate investing. So what are some of the daily habits you can adapt to level up as an investor?

The 6 Non-Negotiable Habits of Elite Real Estate Investors

1. Read.

One famous trainer said that the only thing that will make a difference between where you are now and where you will be in five years is the books you read and the people you meet. Look at the success habits of any notable person throughout history, and you’ll find books a big part of that.

Leaders read. It is said that the top CEOs in America read on average 60 books a year. Reading goes a long way. Just think, someone puts their whole life’s experiences into a book for you to read. There is so much you can pull from their knowledge and so much to read if you want to keep up with the leaders.

2. Sleep.

All of the science shows that getting sufficient sleep is critical to great performance. I know that I still struggle with this one, but…