real estate investments

This week I wanted to give an update on the homeowner in Connecticut, bids on assets, and a diversification conversation.

During the week, I spoke to the daughter and grandson of the homeowner.  After doing additional research we found out the mortgage was 6 months past due and the lender was in the process of selling the note. Part of another conversation we had I asked them to talk to the existing lender to discuss a workout or forbearance on the mortgage.  The lender sent the package and they immediately sent it back.  It is now a waiting game.  We are hoping this works for them! If not, we have discussed this opportunity with investors that are interested in purchasing the non-performing note.  I am looking forward to seeing their situation improve in the coming weeks.

Lastly, during the week I had a conversation with an investor that invests in the Stock Market. During our conversation, we got onto the topic of “Diversification”.   We discussed the reasons why he only invests in the Stock Market.  He stated that he reviews his trading account daily for 20 minutes, and then makes a decision to be in stocks or in cash for the day. I did the quick math and he is spending 7 hours per month and 84 days a year watching the market.  We then discussed real estate note investing and how his investments would be secured by real estate.  He could not believe we bought non-performing notes from lenders at 30%-50% of their Current Market value.  Finally, I showed him our bespoke passive investment plan that we share with all of our clients.  We are scheduled to meet in the coming week to discuss his personalized investment plan.  He is excited to be featured in one of our upcoming newsletters! I will continue to share his journey will all of you in the coming weeks! Let’s all work together to bring Wall Street to Main Street!